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Malgorzata Matysiak (born 1983) graduated from the Department of Modern Literature at The University of Leeds in 2007 with an MA in English Literature. She is a fully qualified teacher of English, a certified translator and a DPSI course tutor specialising in medicine and law. Malgorzata is also a court interpreter who has gained vast experience working in the public sector. A member of The Institute of Linguists since 2010 (Membership no.024199) and The National Register of Public Service Interpreters (Registration no. 16435). Malgorzata translates both professionally and as a hobby.

Back in Poland, she graduated from the Teacher Training College of Foreign Languages in Tarnow with a BA in TEFL and translation. Today, she runs a certified translation services unit as well as teaches a variety of English courses at Syllabus School of English in Doncaster.

On a personal note, Malgorzata is very much into Celtic culture. Her favourite pastimes include travelling, reading Victorian novels and playing volleyball. She also loves spending time with her children, husband and Teddy: their beloved dog.


Pawel Lys (born 1979) graduated from the Department of Language and Linguistic Science at The University of York in 2014 with an MA in Phonetics and Phonology (postgraduate studies). Back in Poland, he graduated from the Institute of English Studies at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin with an MA in British Culture in 2004. He is a fully qualified teacher of English. Before coming over to Doncaster, Pawel honed his craft as a teacher at Junior High School no. 28, English For You Language Centre as well as The European Union Staff Education Centre in Krakow.

Pawel describes himself as a teacher with a researcher’s soul. He is a great advocate of using self-made classroom materials alongside classic, reputable coursebooks. The author of Many paths in English – which one to choose? (available only in Polish): a grammar reference book published by in November 2018 (see Publications for more information).

Pawel has co-owned Syllabus School of English since September 2007 devoting all his efforts and attention to teaching various English courses there. In 2008 General Teaching Council for England fully recognised his Polish teaching qualifications.

Pawel is a great fan of popular music, particularly rock and blues. In his spare time, he goes to see his favourite artists perform live and in the comfort of his home, he explores the complexities of musical theory.